Battle over Los Angeles 1942 - Culver City, CA

We are looking to be a little more proactive in terms of UFO research. The goal is to identify certain regions worldwide with a consistent high level of UFO activity and to conduct field studies; regions such as the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado and Puerto Rico. We will also conduct research from an historical, archeological and genetic perspective; from cave paintings to ancient monuments. Is there physical proof of an "alien" presence? And how alien is it really?

Washington D.C., 1942

Subjects related to the UFO phenomena such as Cattle Mutilations will also be an area of focus. We will address the cattle mutilation phenomena both domestically, and abroad. Is the cattle mutilation phenomena related to the UFO phenomena; or is there another culprit, much closer to home? Why is the phenomena more violent in South America? Why is the UFO phenomena so prevalent in Mexico, and in specific areas such as the Zone of Silence?

Essentially, this is about obtaining physical proof. This is two part process. One is identifying the proof that is already present; from ancient cultures, from biological and forensic evidence, from reliable government sources and perhaps archeological proof off planet. Two is obtaining more information from the preceding sources and focusing on obtaining quality video; and a anthropological focus on the occupants.

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