Welcome to International Research into Strange Phenomena. The purpose of this organizations is to further research into various anomalous phenomena through field studies, expeditions and documentaries. This is meant to be a professional organization, thus available for consulting and documentaries. I've struggled with this last part quite a bit, since charging for your services in this field is not always look upon kindly. However, this is meant as a full time research organization, whose primary focus is organizing expeditions, but is also available for groups or individuals for private research and consulting.

I can be reached at alex@phenomenaresearch.com


My name is Alex Mistretta and I am the founder of International Research into Strange Phenomena. I live in Los Angeles, but graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.S in Psychology and a B.S in Anthropology.

I've been involved in various capacities with many of these subjects for many years. I co wrote "La Quete du Mokele-Mbembe" for a French production company. Years of research went into this project, but unfortunately went un-filmed. I do speak French. I am a member of Big Cats in Britain and the Center for Fortean Zoology.

I have also been involved in various paranormal research with the former Greater Hollywood Paranormal Society.

I also serve as the Director of Investigations for the Mutual UFO Network - Los Angeles. I was recently featured in the documentary Legend Hunters - Aliens, and briefly in the Discovery Channel documentary called UFO Hunters.



PayPal is a way for me to receive payments for services rendered, funding and for donations, which will be used to pay for research.

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